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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Update: Buzz Marketing and the Blog

Two interesting articles on the rebirth of word-of-mouth marketing, now called buzzing. The angle of the story was seen through the career and business of Elisa Camahort, founder of a San Francisco marketing firm called Worker Bees. One piece was written by Jane Allen in Vault.com and the other by Sheila Ann Manuel Coggins in About.com. Both authors describe Ms. Camahort's journey to the marketing profession and how she used buzzing to do it.

I liked the articles because both described another former corporate/creative type, and it was interesting to read about Ms. Camahort's approach. She started a company, established a sophisticated web presence and began to use a unique brand building strategy with actual results. The key for me was finding a good example of subtle, effective marketing with interesting prose, flowing from a well-written blog. The more I research this newfound blogging space, the more I really appreciate that.

This should be an interesting year as more and more major and boutique ad agencies grow their business blending buzz and guerilla-like marketing tools with traditional campaigns. I was intrigued enough by how Ms. Camahort used blogs in marketing for the arts for San Francisco clients - - -
among them the Foothill Music Theatre's Blog
and The TheatreWorks Blog
that I created one for an NYC theater group called the American Theatre of Harlem. If/when I receive responses to a query that I wrote, I'll follow this post with a published article in a circulated magazine or newspaper.

That being said, let me give a free plug of the Worker Bees Hive (my shorthand for the company’s portfolio). See below:

David Curley Web Design

Flashlight Graphics

Joy Design Studio

TriDigital Inc Web Services

Carla Befera & Co. P.R.

"Silicon Veggie" in the Metro

42nd St. Moon Blog

Elisa's Personal Blog

Foothill Music Theatre's Blog

SC County Democratic Party Blog

The TheatreWorks Blog

The Worker Bees Blog

NOTE: The original post on 1/9/05 mistakenly cited TheatreWorks, another Worker Bees client, as the blog/buzz case study. The correct client is the Foothills Music Theatre. For more information on Worker Bees, email Ms. Camahort directly at elisa@workerbees.biz. or call the company at 408.504.5708.